April 21st 2009

The independent student initiative for the right to free education is continuing the peaceful occupation of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb which started on Monday at noon. The students have stopped classes and exams, and instead have organized an alternative educational programme.

Instead of the normal classes, students are able to attend discussions and lectures on similar student protests that were held in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina; neoliberalism, Croatian transition and economic democracy; consumerism; anarchism and education, and so on. Mark Kramer from Harvard University will hold a lecture on Cold War. Movie screenings are also held: “Czech Dream”, “Money as Debt” and “Beyond Elections: Redifining Democracy in Americas” were among the movies that are shown today.

The official web page with information on the occupation is available in Croatian here.
Some photos taken during the first day of the occupation can be seen here.
A report in English (and photos) about the protest in Zagreb is available at Javno.com.

On Tuesday at noon, students at the University of Zadar have started the occupation of their University. They too have stopped normal classes and exams, and are holding alternative educational program instead. They have joined their colleagues in Zagreb in protesting against the commercialization of education and demanding free education for all, as well as greater involvement of students in the reforms of the educational system. In the evening they will hold the first plenary session.

Students in Zadar are supported by their professors in their demands for the right to free education.

So far there is no definitive information whether similar actions will be taken at other universities and faculties in the country, but some students at other universities have expressed interest in organizing some sort of protest.


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