Tuesday, September 8th, 2009: report from yesterday’s plenum

The 44th student plenum was held yesterday evening at its usual location in lecture hall no 7, at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. A number of topics was discussed at the session which lasted nearly two and a half hours.

The plenum was informed that the editors of SIC!, a student magazine edited by the students from Sarajevo, have invited students to contribute to their next issue, which will be dedicated to the subject of university, by writing a diary-type account of the student protests.

The plenum was also briefed on the development of the student radio show: it has been agreed with the producers of Radio SC that the students will be making a weekly radio show to be broadcast on Radio SC.

Members of the plenum were invited to join the meetings of two work groups which will be held on Tuesday, September 8th: the media work group will meet at 7pm and will discuss a new press release as well the subject of translating articles from English into Croatian, while the work group for “mini actions” will meet at 6pm. Members were also invited to participate in the “5 to 12″ mini action on Saturday which will take place as part of the Omnibus for Direct Democracy forum.

The plenum also discussed the announced citizen protests which are currently being organized by the Croatian Trade Union Association and are set to happen in several cities around the country. Despite the fact that at the last plenum, held September 2nd, members of the Association expressed their desire to include the students in the shaping of their platform and said they wanted members of the plenum to participate in their organizational meetings, the students did not receive an invitation for any kind of meeting over the past week. Therefore the plenum decided last night that they are unable to give their official support to the Croatian Trade Union Association demonstrations as they don’t have information about the Association’s platform, but the students expressed support for the workers and citizens who are fighting for their rights.

The next plenum will be held on September 14th, at 8pm.

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