Tuesday, September 15th, 2009: report from yesterday’s plenum

The 45th student plenum was held yesterday at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb.

The plenum was informed of several events in the past few days in which students participated:

  • On Monday several students in Split went to support the workers of the closed down factory Salonit who are protesting in front of the Commercial Court. (The workers were employed to clean up the factory from asbestos. The clean-up is not finished, but the Court declared that, according to the new law on waste management, the factory manager has an obligation to announce a public bid for the job. The Court thus concluded that the manager had the right to fire the 140 workers – even though they are probably the most qualified for cleaning up the factory because most of them worked in the factory for years or decades before it was closed down.)
  • A delegate of the plenum participated on Friday in a panel discussion entitled “Joseph Beuys – struggle for the free educational system and direct democracy” organized by the Omnibus for Direct Democracy.
  • On Saturday, as part of the Omnibus programme, students performed the “5 to 12” mini action on the main city square. 
  • On Sunday, a garden party in celebration of 340 years of the University of Zagreb was held in the Botanical garden. Present were the president of the University, Minister of Education, and numerous other distinguished guests. Also present were several members of the student initiative, who used the opportunity to present the president, minister and distinguished guests with the latest issue of the student publication Skripta.

The plenum was informed that the work group for interplenary cooperation will meet on Wednesday at 4pm. The work group will discuss changes that might be introduced in some university or faculty regulations which would declare some student actions, such as the occupation of a faculty or university and others, punishable by a severe penalty.

The plenum has decided to send two delegates to a public discussion on direct democracy that is being organized by the Center for Civilian Initiatives of the city of Karlovac.

The plenum also discussed a decision made by the Dean’s Collegium in March of 2008 by which all students who are retaking a course will have to pay 150,00 kuna per every ECTS credit that course brings. Since the Faculty Council never confirmed this decision, the plenum will wait to see if it will be recalled at the next session of the Dean’s Collegium, if not, a memo will be sent to all members of the Faculty Council to express the criticism of this decision.

The next plenum will be held on Tuesday, September 22nd, at 7pm. Before they begin the session, the students will listen to a radio drama created from audio recordings of various past plenary sessions.


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