Few photos from last week’s “5 to 12″ performance

As part of the Omnibus for direct democracy, which visited Zagreb last weekend, on September 11th and 12th, the students performed the “5 do 12″ (”The Eleventh Hour”) mini action at the main city square.

The “5 do 12” mini action is a performance in which participants stand in a line that extends from the clock at the main city square pretending to wait for something. They gather at 11:55 and and stand in line for 5 minutes. At the strike of noon they leave post-it notes on the clock with messages like “Free education” and “One world, one struggle” etc, and then quickly disperse. (You can watch a short video of one such mini action here.) On this occasion, the line was formed in front of the Omnibus.

Photos: Damir Gamulin. Photos available under the Creative Commons licence.

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