September 27th, 2009 – report from Tuesday’s plenary session

The 46th plenary session at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb was held on September 22nd.

  • Before the session began, the plenum listened to the one-hour radio drama by author Ljubo Pauzin – which he created from audio recordings of past plenary sessions – and gave him the permission to broadcast it on the Croatian Radio.
  • The concept of plenum and the ongoing student struggle for free education needs to be presented to undergraduates who have enrolled at the Facutly of Humanities and Social Sciences this year -  the workgroup for distributing information will meet on Thursday to discuss how best to do that.
  • Members of the plenum were informed of student activities around the world. In California, students are protesting budget cuts and rising tuition fees – the plenum will send them a letter of support to express solidarity with their struggle. A UK-based organization invited members of the plenum to join their Google group where they can exchange experiences and talk about the need for publicly funded education – the group can be accessed at
  • The International Students Movement has drawn up a petition demanding publicly funded education accessible to all,  emancipatory in nature and free from corporate, private or goverment interests – if you agree with this demand,  please sign the petition here.
  • The plenum discussed the decision of the Faculty Council concerning the writing of two final papers for double major graduate students. The workgroup for analysing documents will meet on Monday to write a letter to comment the Council’s decision.
  • Despite the fact that this past spring the Faculty Council claimed that it supports the students’ demand for fully publicly funded education, at its last session members of the Council were going to vote for tuition fees for next year, as they do every year. The student representatives  vetoed the vote, demanding that the Council insists that all students enrolled at the Faculty study at the cost of the Ministry of Education. The decision on tuition fees was postponed for the next session, which should be sometime next week. The workgroup will meet on Friday to decide how to react to this.

The session ended at 23:13.

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