Solidarity from the UK

Faculty of Philosophy students, University of Zagreb,

As a graduate of Cardiff University, Wales, UK, I’m well aware of the challenges you face and fully support your actions in Zagreb and Croatia as a whole. Over 186,000 progressive students across the UK have united against tuition fees and the continued commercialisation of education. We share your vision of a future no longer defiled by market values and mentalities and wish you success in your struggle for justice, integrity, compassion, wisdom and learning.

In solidarity

Sebastian Power BSc Architecture
On behalf of the Young Greens of England and Wales

Alice Hemming BA English Literature student
On behalf of Cardiff University Feminist Group

Sam Coates BSc Politics, MCP student
On behalf of Cardiff University Green Party

Amy Hall BA Media and Communication
On behalf of Cardiff University People and Planet

Adam Johannes
On behalf of Cardiff Students Against War

Alex Whitcroft BSc Architecture, MArch student, Cardiff University

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