Monday, 20.4.

Today at noon, the independent student initiative for the right to free education started a peaceful occupation of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. The students demand the elimination of all tuition fees at all levels of higher education: undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate.

They have decided to block all classes and instead have organized an alternative educational programme, which consists of lectures, public discussions, workshops and movie screenings. Every evening at 8pm, they will hold plenary sessions at which they will discuss further actions, and vote on whether they will be continuing the occupation the next day. Everyone is allowed to attend the sessions, to participate in the discussions and to vote, which means not just the students but every citizen. Since the issue of the right to education is one that concerns all citizens and society in general, the students believe everyone has a right to voice their opinion at the sessions, and to vote against the occupation if they so wish. The occupation of the faculty will end when the majority at the plenary sessions votes in favour of that.


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