Press release, May 17th, 2009, 28th day of the occupation

Yesterday was the day of pre-election silence in anticipation of the local elections. The fact that political parties are obliged to discontinue with mutual heckling and rhetorical rivalry on the day before the elections serves as an indicator of democratic maturity of all those involved. A day of law-imposed forbearance is seen as a threshold separating a regular democratic procedure from mere manipulation.

However, we are witnessing a silence lasting longer than that, and which gives a distinctly different testimony of understanding the concept of democratic responsibility by those who are, in theory, the officials of democracy and public interest. For one month, silence has been the authorities’ response to the demand for free education. The rejection of the Ministry in charge and the Government to accept their role as the addressees for the demand is an undisputable testimony of their idea of democratic responsibility and the purpose of the civil service. Today is the day of the local elections. According to the phrase reused over and over again by a large part of the media, the Election Day is commonly uplifted to the status of Democracy Day. The past month has been a reliable and bitter proof of the democratic normality we are supposed to consent to. It implies autocracy and silence of the ruling bureaucratic structures and their obvious disdain toward the demands directed as a defense of public interest. We have rebelled against such a mindset. No one aware of the fact that democracy is not merely a ceremony we practice during the prescribed national holidays, while during the rest of the time it belongs to the autocratic bureaucratic elite, should consent to this. Democracy is the right of taking part in decision-making, in all issues concerning the public and as such it should be defended each day.


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