Press release, May 22nd, 2009 – 33rd day of the occupation

We are approaching the end of the fifth week of the occupation. What we have been witnessing this week is an attempt by the champions of media-political normality to newly establish that normality. The minister who has been silent for a month appeared on the front page of an influential weekly, in a pose of fatherly benevolence, with arms wide open. Columnists and commentators of everything and nothing have offered themselves publicly as mediating instances between the Ministry and tongue-tied students who didn’t prove themselves adequate to recognize the right moment to give up their declared principles and switch to backroom licitations.

It has been made clear to us that established currents are going back to their usual logic of operation. Political action is again reducible to fawning media campaigns, party and union bargaining and condescending mediation of privileged figures who, like kind kings in fairytales, out of their own goodness and caprice decide on questions of general significance. And on top of that, behind everything there is the anonymous violence of bureaucrats, their decrees and abstruse agreements. All of them united in the message they are sending to students and the rest of the public: “We will speak, think, act and decide instead and on behalf of you.”

Reactions of the authorities and self-proclaimed experts and mediators have shown how impervious this wall is, and how united its guards are, all the seeming differences notwithstanding, in the firm decision to maintain it, whether by media flattering, bureaucratic deceits or political threats.

The demand, however, remains, and we will not give it up even in case we suspend the occupation. We have only made the first step and we believe that the public will recognize that as an invitation to join us in making the second and third when circumstances call for them.


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