PRESS RELEASE, 23rd May 2009 – 34th day of the occupation

It was reported today in the news that Minister Primorac visited the editorial board of Jutarnji list (Croatian daily newspapers) on May 5th, 2009. Mr. Primorac, who has kept quiet for a month on the occurrences on the faculties all over the country, has decided to deal with the issue secretly, demonstrating unprecedented contempt towards the public, his term of office, and the institution of the freedom of speech. The minister has tried to divert the public perception of the student protests to the only domain he can understand: the cynicism of court intrigues and clandestine maneuvers by instructing the editors to discard the previously written text and replace it with the Mr. Primorac’s truth that says that the students’ actions are a result of “the manipulations of SDP and HNS (Social Democratic Party and Croatian People’s Party)”. The fact that a daily newspaper, owned by the largest media concern in the country (EPH), has on Mr. Primorac’s request readily imposed self censorship is a worrying indicator of its social role.

In addition, the public has clearly seen the extent to which the media and the political elites make a uniform interest block that doesn’t hesitate to work directly against the interest of this very public in the open contempt towards democracy whose representatives and guardians they claim to be.

We expect that this lesson will not get by without a corresponding reaction. Moral revolt without consequences is not enough. We all have to act against this culture of cynical despise towards the interests of majority. The stoppage of classes at the faculties has shown that it is possible to act without calculation and cowardly condescension.


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