PRESS RELEASE, May 11th 2009, 22nd day of the occupation

The attempt of organizing regular educational process at alternative locations on the initiative of dean Jurković and the Administration of the Faculty of Philosophy is an attempt of pretending to be in a control over the situation over which neither the Administration nor the Government have no control of. They pretend to have solved the situation by neglecting both its motives and its social and political substance. The occupation of the Faculty of Philosophy as well as the occupation of other faculties all over the country is not an end in itself. The occupation is a means that we were forced to resort to in defense of the rights which have proved impossible to secure through the official communication channels. The occupation is a means of public pressure that opens up the space for public debate on the issues of public interest. The very fact that the occupation was necessary to initiate a public debate on the issue of the rights to education retroactively reveals the extent to which the higher instances whose nominal duty is to look after public interest have failed: from the political elites and their secretive bureaucratic protocols to the media. The deafness and the arrogance with which the authorities discard the issue of the right to education is yet another lesson that this occupation has taught and presented to the public; it is a lesson of the scorn of the ruling bureaucrats towards public interest and those that at a certain moment are trying to defend it.

Let’s repeat once again the obvious: regular classes have been blocked; we consider the classes held at alternative locations as nothing more than a show for the media and a mere attempt to keep up the appearances regardless of the quality of lectures. If those lectures became a part of the regular educational process, it would be a proof of the final capitulation of the Administration under the pressures of the superior instances at a price of sacrificing the primary meaning and dignity of the educational process.

We invite all the students and professors to boycott this charade.


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