Many organizations, as well as numerous individuals, have sent us letters and statements of support for our cause. You can read some of the letters here.

Here is the list of all who have expressed support so far:

1. Autonomous cultural center ATTACK

2. Initiative of organizations and independent collectives MEDIKA

3. “Legal Theory” Club at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria

4. Informal organization of medicine students Perpetuum-Lab

5. The Union of Stewardesses and Stewards of Croatia Airlines

6. Editorial board of the Republika magazine

7. Organization “Partnership for Social Development”

8. Art Education students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb

9. Workers’-Punks’ University (Delavsko-punkerska univerza), Ljubljana

10.Organization “Women’s Room”

11. Organization for the Development of Civil Society and the Advancement of Women’s Rights Domina

12. Student Council of The Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb

13. Organization of Good Students

14. Employees of the police academy, members of the “Police Academy” branch of the Union of State and Local Government Officials and Employees of the Republic of Croatia

15. Organization Zagreb Pride

16. Student organizations of the Catholic Faculty of Theology

17. Organization for the Advancement of Conscientious Informing and Acting

18. Forum for Freedom in Education

19. Sociology Students Organization “Anomija”

20. Organization of Young Museologists “Kontraakcija”

21. Organization for the Promotion of Student Activities (UPSA)

22. Communicology Students Organization “Komuna”

23. Psychology Students Organization “Feniks”

24. Croatian Studies Sport Organization (SUHS)

25. Organization “Pravnik”

26. Independent Trade Unions of Croatia

27. Centre for Womens’ Studies

28. Amandla – Ogranization for Promotion of Activism

29. Anarchist Initiative of Rijeka

30. Faculty of Architecture Student Council

31. Faculty of Science Student Council

32. The Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia

33. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Council

34. Center for Peace Studies

35. Regional Address for Nonviolent Action

36. Autonomous tribune, Slovenia

37. Publishing house “Jesenski i Turk”

38. Youth Movement “REVOLT”, Bosnia and Herzegovina

39. Ericsson Nikola Tesla Workers’ Union

40. European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies

41. Blue Sky Youth Network, Macedonia

42. B.a.B.e. Organization

43. Croatian Family Medicine Coordination

44. Information Technology Students of the Zagreb Polytechnic for Technical Sciences

45. Molekula, Alliance of Organizations

46. Pula Book and Author Festival

47. Music Academy Student Council and the Musicology Students Club

48. Organization “Korak”

49. GONG

50. “I Love Pula” Civil Initiative for Muzil

51. Organization “Nemeza”

52. Independent Union of Customs Officers of Croatia

53. Womens’ Network Croatia and the legal team of Iskorak and Kontra

54. Come2music

55. Publishing house Fraktura

56. Noam Chomsky

57. Student Organization of Slovenia and the Alliance of Independent Unions of Slovenia

58. White Angels, Organization of Zagreb Football Club Fans

59. Network of anarchosyndicalists (MASA)

60. Students of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering in Zagreb

61. Center for Dramatic Arts in Zagreb

62. Editorial Board of Novosti

63. Women in Black

64. RODA (Parents in Action)

65. Ramiza Mamedi’s Roma Association

66. Stan!

67. Center for Healty Growing Up “Idem i ja”

68. Editorial Board of Zarez, Croatian cultural magazine

69. Judith Butler

70. Split Mediterranean Film Festival

71. Female choir “Kombinat”

72. LEAP – Link Education And Practice

73. Students of the University of Belgrade

74. Slavoj Žižek

75. Organization ZvoniMir Knin

76. EESTEC LC Zagreb, Electrical Engineering Students’ Association

77. Wendy Bracewell, University College London

78. Slatina – Orahovica Association of parents of soldiers who died in the Croatian War of Independence

79. “M:A:K:” Association

80. “Free school” Association

81. Miramida Center