Letter from Croatia, Drago Markiša
(Published at

Anti-Government Protests in Croatia: Changing Politics, Marko Kostanic
(First published at

Croatia protests show failure of political promise, Toni Prug
(Originally published at

Two years of the struggle for free education and the development of a new student movement in Croatia, Mate Kapović
(Originally published in the Croatian cultural magazine Zarez)

Croatian Science and University Legislation Ignites ‘Stormy’ Debate, Mico Talovic
(Originally published at ScienceInsider)

Student Control Over the Faculty in Croatia, Tony Prug
(Originally published in Radical Philosophy)

A Five Weeks Introduction to Democracy, Leonardo Kovačević
German translation: Eine Einführung in die Demokratie in fünf Wochen

Transformatory Social Policy?, Paul Stubbs
(Originally published in the Review of Social Policy)

Kroatien: Streik vorerst beendet, Pablo Picapiedra

Croazia e i suoi studenti, Marija Roglić